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Staff Development and Training

MKR will provide tools to help marketers increase the census. Development and Training is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Training produces the result or outcome of learning. MKR provides development and training in key areas that will enhance your sales force and increase your census. Learning is typically viewed as new knowledge, skills and competencies or abilities. Marketers, vastly value learning. Marketers must think outside the box and use niche techniques to seal the deal and increase the census.

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Senior Living is a unique industry with highs and lows. Staffing plays an integral part in the success of Senior Living communities. MKR will assess the client’s needs and devise an inclusive plan to recruit and retain staff. This includes operations, sales, and marketing. MKR will identify employees and serve as a conduit for screening applicants and assisting with building the right team!

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Senior Placement

Finding the right Senior Living option is not an easy task. It can be challenging and mentally exhausting for families and caregivers. MKR has been successfully placing seniors for over fifteen years. MKR currently provides placement services in the greater Houston area, and Beaumont, TX.

  • Care Options:

    • Using the information collected from the assessment, care services and options which match the client’s profile are presented.
    • MKR reviews the status of the client to ensure the services are the right match.
    • MKR schedules tours and will accompany clients to tour selected communities.
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  • Assessment:

    • MKR will meet with clients and families to determine budget, location, emotional and social needs and/or preferences.

    • MKR will educate families on the process and provide a comprehensive look at the levels of care.

    • Long Term Care Insurance and/or VA benefits are referred to as needed.

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  • Placement:

    • MKR provides step by step guidance during the placement process.

    • MKR will facilitate the move.

    • MKR will follow up to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

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